Chiropractic Adjustments

Whether it's a new/acute injury or an aggravation of an old/chronic injury there is always fever, altered function, redness, swelling and pain. The best thing to address all of these things is the chiropractic adjustment. The quick movements i.e. "adjustments" the Chiropractor makes improve joint mobility and is what gradually turns off all of the other responses. Controlled movements, exercises help to maintain the mobility and improve strength of the affected joint. Some Chiropractors may use a mechanical device to affect the "adjustments". I use both.

Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve interference, increasing blood flow to the affected area, oxygenation and improved healing. This maximizes the communication between the brain and the tissues allowing the body to function at its optimum level of health.

Internal Health/Digestive Disorders

Any type of stress on your body results in increased nutritional need. The body system most often depleted is the immune system but our diagnostic process evaluates each individuals needs. We can then tailor our recommendations specifically to your care as opposed to a systems needs

Enzymes drive every chemical reaction that takes place in your body. Not just the ones in your digestive system but every conversion of a nutrient for use in your organs and organ systems. There are about 30,000 of those per day. There are three food groups that are the beginning of these reactions: Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein. Your body only supplies half of the enzymes necessary for digestion the other half comes from the food you eat. With proper enzyme supplementation I can ensure the delivery of "good nutrition" past an incompetent digestive system.